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We hope that you will be happy with our services but if you are not, we want to know so that we can do our best to put things right.

If you do have a complaint, please let us know by whichever means suits you best. It helps us to deal with the matter if you can set out your complaint in writing, either by letter or email, but this is not necessary. If you prefer to communicate your complaint verbally, please do so either by telephone or by requesting an appointment with Peter Marsden to discuss the matter personally. Your complaint will be formally recorded and will be acknowledged in writing within seven days. It will be investigated by the principal of the practice, Peter Marsden, and we hope to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, but in any event, within two months.


We will notify you in writing what we intend to do to resolve your complaint and will follow this through by taking all appropriate action. However, if you remain dissatisfied, you can request that the matter is investigated by a solicitor from another practice, and we will do our best to comply with such a request.

A copy of our complaints procedure can be downloaded here or a hard copy will be provided to you on request.


We hope to be able to resolve matters with you but if you are not satisfied with our final decision, then you can take your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman who can be contacted at PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WVl 9WJ (telephone 0300 555 0333} or by email on You should normally contact the Legal Ombudsman within six months of being notified of our final decision. However you can refer a matter to the Legal Ombudsman within 6 years from the date of the act or omission which you wish to complain about or within 3 years from when you should reasonably have know there was cause for complaint.


If you think that we have caused you financial or other loss, then you should seek independent legal advice on the matter.
If you have a complaint about our behaviour as opposed to our services, such as you think we have been dishonest or have discriminated against you because of your age, disability or other characteristic, then you can contact our Professional Regulator who is the Solicitors Regulation Authority. You can follow this link or click on the Solicitors Regulation Authority logo at the bottom of this page.